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Castelgarden Ride on Mower Service and Repair

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

This machine was in need of a full service. It also had some issues starting reliably.

After a thorough inspection and service with several parts replaced, it was back in good working order.

The customer was very happy.

An example of a Full Service check list for a Ride On Mower is shown below:

• Thorough wash of tractor and deck, descaling of rust under deck. 

• Removal, inspection and sharpening of blades. 

• Inspection of deck belts, bearings and pulleys. 

• Inspection of tyres and setting of pressures. 

• Inspection and replacement where necessary of transmission belts and tensioners

(parts at additional cost).

• Lubrication of pivots and cables. 

• Checking and charging of batteries if needed (parts at additional cost). 

• Draining and refilling of oil (oil at additional cost). 

• Changing oil filter where applicable (parts at additional cost). 

• Cleaning and inspection of fuel system. 

• Changing and setting of spark plug (parts at additional cost). 

• Inspection of steering. 

• Checking of safety features. 

• Testing of engine, transmission and cutting, setting engine speed where appropriate. 

• Final checks. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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